How SIMSIN helps in Growth of your School

SIMSIN provides schools with the best chance at success by digitally connecting them to our practical modules.

Digital School

SIMSIN provides modern digital techniques that offer its users a host of exciting features and tools which make it easy to manage and operate their schools.

School Website Development

We provide the best design and navigation for school websites that support education, improve engagement and boost your online presence.


School Digital Presence

We ensure your school is digitally present on all available platforms where parents and students can interact with you. This results in the credibility of your school.


Online Admission Tools

We provide you relief with our comprehensive online admission platform that improves enrollment and registration, connects parents with your school, and reduces admissions hassles.


Secure Hosting

We preserve your digital presence from malware and attacks while reusing hosting that enables you to run your school with a click of mouse.


EDU- Domain

We provide an 'Edu domain' to make your site stand out and have a strong digital school presence.


Social Media

Since your school is comprised of unique and diverse individuals, all with their passions, interests, and goals, we offer the right social media strategy combined with the perfect content mix best suited for your school's growth.

School Social Media Services

Raise your profile and communicate with specific audiences across all social platforms with the assistance of SIMSIN.

School Branding & Rebranding Services

Your school stands out and gains a more professional reputation with a unique logo, color scheme, and fonts. We'll set you apart from competitors with our creativity.

Social Media Optimization Services

Reach your prospects with our stand-out social media campaign. You'll get expert social media optimization services that can take your school to a whole new level.

Content Management Services

Content boosts the school's presence online. Good content leads to a higher rank on the Google search engine when it's done correctly with SEO practices. SIMSIN provides content for the school website, including a monthly calendar and captions.

Digital Marketing Services

Information, research, and comparison are just a click away. Our team employs the best digital marketing strategies and techniques to make your school reach its target audience.

School Technologies

Everyone wants to be productive. We know that, and we're here to help you get there. We offer a set of technology solutions for your intrinsic work. Many things on the new technological tab will undoubtedly improve your core working. With SIMSIN, you can connect your school with the world of technology.

Explore All Simsin ERP

SIMSIN ERP – School Management System

With comprehensive cloud-based ERP software, SIMSIN brings efficiency to the school's daily operations.

School Mobile Apps

Get the school's news and events in real time, so you never miss anything.

Time Punch – HCMS

Automate the HR operation of your school with us to increase productivity. It will allow you to save time by integrating all operations.

Specialized Education Software

We have expertise and experience in developing customized education software as per your school's requirements.

School Khata

As an essential part of every school, we provide tools and insights to help you with financial management.

Parho – Online Learning Platform

Parho- 'Har haal mein' is a flexible and affordable e-learning solution for your schools.

School Advisory

Our Advisory and Outsourcing services can take care of the administrative tasks, giving your school more time to focus on teaching and better outcomes.

We focus on a custom approach for every school to quickly identify and prioritize its strengths and weaknesses.

Our outsourcing strategy is to collaborate with schools as partners, using our expertise to raise the caliber of their work.

Improve the quality of teaching with digital learning. We create customized learning opportunities to improve student achievement and make education accessible.

Our BPO services strive to enhance delivery excellence while ensuring quality and security standards compliance.

Our corporation envisions itself as a centralized organization, where decisions are taken at the top and passed down the line of command to increase the quality of work.


SIMSIN was founded in 2007 with the mission of digitalizing schools. We are proud to be "the school digital partner," completed 1000+ projects, and managing 250k+ students across the country. As pioneers in school digital consultancy, we have over 15 years of experience helping schools make the most of technology.

At SIMSIN, we are passionate about transforming the education landscape through innovative digital solutions. That's why we have developed Simsin ERP, a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates various aspects of school administration, including admissions, student management, attendance tracking, and finance management.

In addition to our School Management Systems, SIMSIN offers a range of SaaS services to support schools in their digital transformation. Every school ought to have access to the most recent digital tools and resources. We work closely with our school partners to ensure they get the most out of our services. With SIMSIN, you can be confident that your school is getting the support it needs to succeed in the 21st century.

Learn More About SIMSIN

Services & Products of SIMSIN

Discover the wide range of services and products offered by SIMSIN. From comprehensive school management ERP system to creative web design and development, content management, and advisory & consultancy services, we provide solutions that empower schools in Pakistan in this digital age. Simsin’s online admission tool and social media marketing services increases your admissions and helps you target their audience easily. SIMSIN also provides customized schools softwares and portals like Parho – Online Learning Platform, School Khata, and Time Punch. Contact us today and explore our services and products to find the perfect fit for your school to turn it into a Digital School.

Meet The Schools Who Love Working With SIMSIN

SIMSIN | The School Digital Partner

Excellent services. We have been using SIMSIN since 2017 at The Elixir School. Satisfied Alhamdulillah

Nasir R. Zaidi

Founder President - Pakistan Academic Consortium (PAC)
ED/Chairman BOGs The Elixir School

SIMSIN | The School Digital Partner

“I have employed the services of SIMSIN to help manage our school’s accounts through outsourcing, and it turns out to be a wonderful experience for us. SIMSIN’S team is very professional in organizing and maintaining records for us.”

Hasan Pirani

Head of Finance & Operations Education Trust Nasra School

SIMSIN | The School Digital Partner

“I could not be happier with the services I received from SIMSIN. The quality of their service is excellent, and they are always able to address any concern I bring to them. I am very thankful for the staff's hard work."

Fahad Naseem

Chairman Stanmore Group of Institution

SIMSIN | The School Digital Partner

It’s been more than one successful year using SIMSIN at our Institution we are completely satisfied. It’s an awesome system and the organization (staff) are very humble, Co-operative and responsible.

Muhammad Arif Jamal

Director, Model Public High School


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Frequently Asked Questions

SIMSIN is a by-product of ARWAJ Tech, founded in 2007 in Karachi, to revolutionize the education sector into a digital education system in Pakistan by introducing products like SIMSIN ERP - School Management System, School Khata, Time Punch, and Admission Tool and services like Website Design & Development, Social Media Marketing, Logo Design, Content Management, etc. And these products and services are not limited to Karachi only, any school organization from Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, or any other city can get these products and services to transform their school into a Digital School.

SIMSIN offers a list of products that help schools to get the best out of their organization. List of products includes but not limited to,

  • SIMSIN ERP - School Management System
  • School Khata - Finance Management System
  • Time Punch - Time Management System
  • Parho - Online Learning Platform
  • Admission Tool - Admission and Student Management System
  • Customized Softwares for Schools in Pakistan

SIMSIN offers a list of services that help schools to get the best out of their organization. List of services includes but not limited to,

  • Web Design & Development Services for Schools
  • Social Media Marketing Services for Schools
  • School Consultancy Services
  • School Advisory Services
  • Outsourcing Services for Schools
  • Paid Marketing Services for Schools
  • Digital Marketing for Schools

SIMSIN is the trusted digital partner for schools in Pakistan, providing the best ed-tech solutions in Pakistan, with an extensive track record of over 15 years, we have partnered with 250+ schools, impacting the lives of 200,000+ students with our SIMSIN ERP - School Management System.

The headquarters of SIMSIN is in Karachi but any school from any city (Lahore, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad, etc) can on-board with SIMSIN and get tailored services and products for schools in Pakistan.